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Shingles Disease PR & Consumer Activation Campaign


SHINGLES is a highly contagious infection that can lead to serious complications, particularly those in the high-risk groups. The most common complication of shingles is long-term nerve pain called postherpetic neuralgia (PHN). The pain from PHN can be so severe and debilitating that it interferes with daily life. 

Key Challenge: Most Malaysians are not aware that there is preventive measure against shingles.  

AccentEdge Communications launched an integrated PR & Consumer Activation campaign to achieve the following key strategic communication objectives:

  • Communicate disease facts and figures, clinical manifestations and serious complications
  • Communicate the extent of the physical, psychosocial and emotional burden
  • Shift target audience’s perception of low risk/not at risk to high risk and drive urgency for vaccination

Target cohort for the campaign: Adults over 50 within urban areas

Our agency’s creative team came up with a high-impact slogan: ‘It’s Not Worth the Pain’. Our goal was to educate and activate communities around the connection between chickenpox and shingles. 

AccentEdge Communication also produced patient-sharing videos ‘My Painful Stories’ which were weaved into our strategic communication outreach.  Other strategic PR tactics ranged from press conferences & workshops, one-on-one interviews with broadcast, print & online media, patient video-sharing on social media to targeted public forums. Apart from working closely with mainstream press, health & lifestyle portals, our agency also arranged for media house visits and PSAs via radio stations to increase insightful dialogues within the media fraternity and targeted communities.

To elevate public awareness on shingles across Malaysia, we embarked on a Consumer Activation campaign. Key activities included a specially equipped Shingles Mobile Truck with trained medical staff, patient-sharing video, quiz sessions and info kiosk. 

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#Everybody is at risk Mental Health Campaign


MENTAL ILLNESS has long been a taboo subject of conversation in most parts of the world, and Malaysia is no exception.  Often hidden behind a veil of stigma and discrimination, the magnitude and burden of mental illness for individuals, families and communities have been alarming. Unfortunately, both mental health and mental disorders are not accorded anywhere near the same degree of importance as physical health. Rather, they have been largely ignored or neglected.

AccentEdge Communications was tasked to change the narrative and increase community awareness about mental illness in Malaysia. Our campaign objective was to help Malaysians (especially the youth) to recognize early warning signs & symptoms of mental health issues, to empower and encourage those who are struggling to seek professional help.

Our key message: ‘Everybody is at risk of poor mental health at some point or stage in their life. No one is immune to mental disorders.’

The campaign initiative comprised a three-pronged strategy to raise awareness & knowledge on mental health via public outreach, to encourage Malaysians to monitor their mental wellness using latest technology and to help identify early symptoms of any mental distress. Ultimately, we set out to change the conversation and de-stigmatize mental illness & reinforce that #everybody is at risk of mental disorders.

AccentEdge Communications executed a multi-stakeholder collaboration platform to form a ‘Mental Health Taskforce’. The official grand launch #everybody is at risk awareness campaign was strategically planned to coincide with unveiling of a ‘Smartphone Mood App’ to help more Malaysians monitor and track their mental state.

Sparking Conversations on Mental Health

Overall, our ‘Media Health’ awareness campaign secured extensive coverage across major media channels and positioned our client as prime advocate for mental health in Malaysia

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To deliver an impactful message, agency curated a short performance play to deliver a compelling story that mental health can affect every one of us. The campaign received wide coverage and sparked positive conversations among Malaysians on mental health.

To leverage on society’s interest, our agency initiated a Mental Health survey to gauge the level of knowledge on mental disorders. The survey results formed a key supporting message for the final campaign phase - the launch of a ‘Mental Health Handbook’ that puts our client at the forefront in advocacy of mental health literacy.

Our editorial team produced a HANDBOOK to empower more Malaysians with mental health knowledge & basic coping skills.

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