Creating a Strong Brand Identity to Transform Your Business

Definition: branding | ˈbrandɪŋ | 

  • distinctive wording or design used to identify a particular brand
  • the promotion of a particular product or company through advertising and distinctive design

When you think of big companies that have made an impact globally, you think of their customer service, reputation, advertising and logo. 

This is why branding, in its essence, means that it’s all about the image of your business. It doesn’t only entail style, logos, and colours associated with the company, but also the quality the company has set as an industry standard and what is perceived by the community. 

When incorporating a company, think of how you can set your company apart from your competitors through the strength of your business. This is your company’s branding.

Once you have distinguished what your business’s strength is, the conceptualization of advertising, logo, and other images can be easier and make your marketing efforts much more effective.

Why Is Branding Important?

Simply put, the success of your company can and usually is determined by how effective your branding is. It is what drives the overall impact on your company. The most effective branding helps people to develop consumer’s perception of your brand, drive new business, and increase brand awareness.

Marketing efforts, social media, website, advertising, promotional merchandise, reputation, logo, customer service, and overall corporate identity can advance your company’s branding further.

Should All Companies Practice Branding?

Yes! The reason why branding is important for any company is that it benefits all types of businesses – from brick and mortar businesses to online companies.

Smaller companies and online businesses lack understanding why branding is important, which, unfortunately, causes them to be unsuccessful.

The logo is one of the most important parts of branding as it is your company’s ‘face’. Having a professional logo design is a powerful branding tool and makes it easily memorable, leaving an impactful impression to the consumer at first glance. Promotional products and advertisements are a good way to get your logo across the community.

In a Zendesk survey, 87% of consumers said consistent branding across all online and traditional platforms was important.

Branding Gives Your Company Credibility

Branding seals the deal on your entire business package. It ensures professionalism within the company and ensures that you and your staff carry out its credibility even after work hours.

Even a small company with a powerful brand will look as good as a large corporation if they practice the right branding techniques. As a business owner, having a strong brand presence enhances your confidence in your business and gives your consumers the belief that you can deliver what you promise.

Branding Increases Your Company’s Brand Value

When you have selected the right brand look for your business, it offers consistency within your business. It helps give direction to your employees and customer on what to expect from your business.

Consistency can come in two parts:

  • through the use of things like business cards, t-shirts, marketing
  • visibility techniques such as professional customer service and a great customer relationship that remains in the memory of your consumer

These two consistencies improve your brand value and allow your consumers to be lifelong loyal patrons to your brand and products or services. 

As your brand’s value grows with your branding, you’ll find that word-of-mouth will be a channel that brings new consumers. As your loyal consumers share with others how your company have impacted them in a positive way, it creates an impression of familiarity and assumed dependability to a name that they know they can trust.

Empower Your Business’s Branding With AccentEdge Communications

Branding is a verb, which means that it is an action that you should take to continuously put your company in people’s mind.

It might be intimidating to come up with a branding that is completely new, unforgettable, and has never been done in the market. 

But with proper planning, assets, and personnel to help you develop your company’s branding is empowering.

That is why AccentEdge Communications is here to assist you to find your brand’s voice, image, and vision. With our professional expertise and years of experience, we are here to support you all the way. 

Check out our Branding PR service here.


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